Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What kind of bugs live in hair?

I found this brown bug in my hair a couple weeks ago, so i went and bought some lice shampoo because i thought that was the problem, since my head started itching after i got back from my trip to florida, which consisted of staying in a hotel for 4 days. I followed all of the instructions on the box, including combing it out to find more bugs.where i found two more. Then i repeated it 7 days later like it said and i found more, but i thought it would be done after that, since i did what the box said. A couple days later, i was combing my hair and i found a couple more. I did it again last night and i found about 4 or 5. I dont know what it could be. Do I have lice even after doing the treatment 3 times...or could it be something else.
yes, you definately have lice! i just went through this with me and my girls. We treated it over and over and finally the thing that worked was MAYO! It was the last thing I tried and let me tell you, I wish I had tried it first! Leave it on over night with a plastic shower cap tightly wrapped. Wash out in the morning. Keep combing it out for a week to get the eggs out. And wash EVERYTHING you can in your home!
Lice, Bed bugs, etc...
could be fleas? you should go to the doctors. i think lice are more of a blackish color. and if you do the treatment three times, you should not see them multiplying.
well when i was a youngster i had always seemed to have lice and what my mom did to me was put mayo on my head and then cover it with a plastic sack and what this did was suffercate them because the stuff from the store doesent work at all that it why you continuisly have the lice and as far as i know that is the only bugs that live in hair
WOW just trying to help, but I have saw many ticks on my ankles in the smallest form ever. This does not seem to still answer your question I am sure. I would think the lice treatment would do more than enough to rid those also. However i do know that it is extremely difficult to get rid of lice. I do allow communication and if you haven't as of yet found a answer I would be glad to try to help more.
this is gonna sound gross but they could be bird lice or crabs.. ( pube lice) if u sat on a public toielet, or had birds flapping above your head ( seagulls) you need to get to a doctor PRONTO cuz they are worse than head lice. im a teacher i know all about nasty bugs n stuff go to the doctor
of.you.Small clear/brown biting worms in my hair and body
Posted by Carol on April 08, 2007 at 03:26:27:Please help. I have been living with this nighmare for about 7 months now. At first, I couldn't see anything, then I thought it was lice and treated my hair about 5 times to find that it got worse. These things in my hair do not like light because when I move my hair to grab them they run away. I caught one between my fingers and saw enough to see that they were little worms. The other day, I saw a worm crawling in my carpet and now they seem to be everwhere. HOW DO I GET RID AND STAY RID OF THESE THINGS. PLEASE HELP ME.

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